Safety With Fun: Our Top Ford Co-Pilot360 Features

September 6th, 2023 by

A 360-Degree Take On Safety: Meet Ford Co-Pilot360™

When you ride with a Ford vehicle, you’re not only driving with one of the road’s most capable, exhilarating, and reliable cruisers—they’re safe too. Equip Ford Co-Pilot360 technology with your travels and you’ll get an extra set of digital eyes helping you spot hard-to-see parts of the road to assist you in cruising as collision-free as possible. Ready to see what modern driver-assists can do for you? Visit us at Spitzer Ford St. Marys near Johnsonburg and test drive your favorite Ford models with Ford Co-Pilot360 features included.

Covering The Basics: Safe Driving Made Easy

Whether you’re ready to dominate the city roads in your EcoSport or towing a travel trailer to an epic destination in your F-150 pickup, Ford Co-Pilot360 features like Lane-Keeping System alerts you when you cross the lines on the road too many times—and can even display a coffee cup icon to advise a break if it happens too often, helping you avoid sideswipes and cutting off other drivers.

See a potential fender bender ahead? Even if you don’t, Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking alerts you of detected imminent collisions with vehicles or pedestrians in your way—and if you don’t react, the brakes can kick on automatically to help you avoid an accident. Plus, with Evasive Steering Assist, you’ll get extra steering power when you need to make an emergency swerve to help avoid a collision.

Not sure if it’s safe to get to the exit lane? BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert helps by warning you of detected vehicles in your blind zones, helping you navigate the highway like a pro without feeling like you need to strain your neck. Plus, if you’re towing, this system can apply to your trailers too to offer further coverage when you have heavy loads that could become dangerous for other drivers in a collision.

The Smart Way To Drive: World Class Tech Guides You

Along with basic driver assists, you’ll also find smart systems to help your cruises become simpler in the form of features like Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, which controls your throttle and helps you remain centered in your lane—just set the speed and detected distance you want to keep from traffic ahead. Blue Cruise upgrades the experience by adding a hands-free touch to the ride on more than 130,000 miles of road—just keep your eyes on the road, and your Ford drives become virtually autonomous.

See a tight spot ahead you need to pull into? Active Park Assist 2.0 aims to help by guiding your ride into parallel spaces—just hold down the Park Assist button, and your Ford vehicle handles the rest. That’s only the start of the driver-assists and smart tow features Ford Co-Pilot360 brings to you, helping you command one of the safest and most savvy vehicles on the road.

Premium Cruising Safety Awaits: Start In St. Marys, PA

Eager to see how some of the road’s most advanced safety systems can enhance the way you commute and adventure? Visit us at Spitzer Ford St. Marys near Ridgeway, PA, and test drive your favorite Ford vehicles with Ford Co-Pilot assists equipped. While you’re here, we’ll help you in any way possible from demoing your favorite features to answering your questions.

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